Rufus Lodi Projects was founded in 1999 by Rufus Lodi and what started off as a small construction company has since grown and prospered into a medium sized construction company.

We take pride in delivering a high standard of quality to our clients. There is no area in construction, in which we have not made our mark yet. These include Clinics, Hospitals, Housing, Schools, Civil projects, ect.)

We strive to deliver projects of HIGH quality, in TIME and within BUDGET

The founder of Rufus Lodi Projects gained invaluable experience working for LTA Conjig, LTA Housing & LTA Building (Wits), in a variety of Construction Management Portfolios. The acronym Rufus Lodi Projects is derived from his Birth name (Rufus Lodi). He is symbolic with the success of the company


Risk management remains a core driver within Rufus Lodi Projets and the company’s systems are focused on identifying risks within both the organisation and individual projects and mitigating against these. The company is committed to best practice risk management methodologies and this strategy filters through all processes and procedures.

Safety is non-negotiable, and Rufus Lodi Projects has implemented systems to manage and measure operational risks throughout the organisation. Training is focused on the safe execution of all activities, whether office based or on a site, and the commitment to this is driven from the top of the company.

Rufus Lodi Projects focuses on the use of environmentally responsible best practice and its strong environmental management policies underscore its commitment to ensuring the maintenance of a healthy and sustainable environment.


We take it upon ourselves to closely study the client’s requirements thus ensuring that we provide adequate attendance to the client in the early stages of the project to ensure that the brief equals the need and that the end facility epitomizes the need and we believe in the following philosophies:


Comprehending the client’s requirements and operations is an imperative.


Developing tailor-made administration and coordination methodology for the project at hand.


Delivering on-time, within budget and according to specifications and statutory requirements is the cornerstone of our service.


Raising the level of awareness of our staff so that they become caring and involved citizens of South Africa


We commit to delivering our work before time within budget


We commit to fulfilling the vision by achieving our set goals